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Greek Islands cruise - Pullmantur

Greek Islands cruise

Travel the Aegean Sea aboard Pullmantur's Greek Islands Cruise

The Aegean Sea lies in the heart of the central Mediterranean area, between the southern and eastern coast of Greece and the west of Turkey. This is the Mediterranean region through which Pullmantur's Greek Islands cruise sails over 8 days and 7 nights, taking you to Piraeus and other, fabulous Greek ports, such as Mykonos, Chania and Santorini, among others.

This Pullmantur cruise begins and ends in Piraeus, a town that serves as the port of Athens, the capital of Greece. In addition to providing you with a perfect opportunity to see Athens's unique monuments, such as the Acropolis or the Agora, you will have the privilege of visiting the Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Chania or the Prehistoric Museum of Thira in Santorini.

Pullmantur's Greek Islands cruise enables you to visit and photograph some of the most outstanding landscapes in Greece, including the unique beaches of Stavros, Kalamaki or Balos, which are very close to Chania, or the Kamari and Perivolos beaches on the island of Santorini. We'll also visit the islands of Tinos and Delos, located a few kilometres from Mykonos. And in addition to seeing the country, you can also taste it: this is the perfect trip for enjoying Greece's famously delicious gastronomy.

Visit Piraeus, gateway to Athens monuments

Although Piraeus boasts monuments like its City Hall and the Hellenic Maritime Museum, it mostly stands out for being the place where you will disembark in order to visit Athens and see key sites like the Tower of the Winds and the Theatre of Dionysus. Moreover, this Pullmantur cruise provides you with a great opportunity to see Greece's coves and most outstanding beaches, including the one known as Agios Sostis.

Afterwards, head to Volos, a city built at the foot of Mount Pelion. This city is home to two important archaeological: Sesklo and Dímini. Of all of the local monuments, the clock tower and Saint Nicholas' Cathedral are the most outstanding. Afterwards, head to Chania, which surrounded by some of Greece's unique beaches, including Kalamaki. While here, make sure to check out the Splantziá neighbourhood, where the traces of the island's Ottoman occupation are still present.

"Chania, a small collection of everything there is to see in Greece"

After Chania, our Pullmantur cruise arrives in Santorini, an island full of unique, Grecian landscapes, including the sandy beaches of Kamari or the Red Beach. A day before you return to Piraeus, Pullmantur's Greek Islands cruise docks in Nauplion. The Castle of Palamidi and the Church of St. George are the most important sites in this charming city.

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Mykonos, a must-see stop for Aegean cruises

The island of Mykonos is a charming wonder that boast some of the most important sites that you'll see on Pullmantur's Greek Islands cruise. Check out the Alefkandra district in Chora, the capital. Also known as the Grecian Little Venice, its full of houses built directly on the Aegean Sea. All date back to the 18th century and were built by the island's bourgeoisie; they are located just a few meters from the famous Kastro or Chora Castle.

Another outstanding destination on this Pullmantur cruise is Chania. It, too, has buildings built around its port that are inspired by the architecture of the Italian city of Venice. In the past (15th century), the island of Crete was under Venetian domination.

"The beaches of Santorini, the most famous landscapes in Greece"

In Mykonos, the final destination on Pullmantur's Greek Islands cruise prior to our return to Piraeus, you will also see Venetian-inspired, Greek architecture as you wander the narrow, elegant streets that make up the Old Quarter.

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